Planning for Transition to School#2

A Big Step

Starting school is a big change for children, so here are some things you can do to do help your child. Over the next few months let your child get used to:

  • eating and drinking without help
  • unwrapping food
  • unscrewing a bottle
  • peeling fruit
  • getting a drink from a tap
  • putting on and doing up shoes. if possible have shoes with buckles or velcro clips. five years old find laces difficult
  • using a handkerchief or tissue
  • putting on and taking off a jumper

It is important that your child knows how to:

Use and flush the toilet and wash his/her hands. (If you have a boy be sure he knows how to use a boy’s toilet). In the early weeks of school send spare underclothes if you expect toileting problems.

Say his/her name and address.

Care for his/her belogings. ie. Remember where his/her jumper has been left after taking it off.#

Source: The Lady Gowrie Child Centre (Melb.) Inc


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