Planning for Transition to School

The transition to school is probably one of the major challenges children have to face in their early years. The amount of stress and the time required to successful adjusment to school can be reduced if transitions are carefully planned.

For most children the first year at school follows experience in early childhood setting, but for others it is the beginning of education–outside the home or in a new country and with new language.

Children expect that school will be different from kindergarten or child care, and there is a feeling of growing-up attached to going to school. However starting school can be exiting and anxious experience for children. It is immportant for adults to listen the children, take their concerns seriously and consider the experience from a child’s perspective.


  • Most children start school when they are five but are not legally required to attend until they turn six. You may like to think about the age at which you would like your child to start school. Sometimes it is in the child’s best interest to start school at an older age.
  • You can choose whether to send your child to a government or non-government school.
  • Visit the school of your choice during the year before your child is to start.
  • Take a long proof of the child’s age–e.g. Healtc Care Booklet, Birth Certificate.
  • Some schools have special visiting days (open house) for new children an their parents. Ask your early childhood education about visiting days.
  • Some school have information sessions for parents. They include information such as the school’s policies, routines and expectations, enrolment procedures, requirement such as vaccination, fees, uniforms, outings, parental involvment and school canteen.

A Big Step

… (to be continued)#

Source: The Lady Gowrie Child Centre (Melb.) Inc


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